The Game Plan Model

At the Academy of Applied Selling, your  first initial meeting with us is an assessment. That is, a Sales Performance Gap Analysis.  Here we are evaluating the current  sales performance against targeted or desired sales performance to determine what gaps exist between the two.

From this analysis, an action plan is then designed that outlines the steps the organization needs to take in order to close the gap between the current performance the targeted performance. Once the client signs off on the proposal solutions, we begin to implement the changes.

Execution! Execution! Execution! This is the single most important key in being a top producer. It is not enough  to know everything there is about the subject of selling; it is not enough to predict what is likely to happen at each stage and at each point in either the Pre-Sale or the Post-Sales phases, it is equally important, vitally important, that one possess the skills to be able to DO what is necessary to acquire a new paying customer, to maintain and growth the revenue potential from that paying customer.

This “doing what works and discarding what does not work” is the driving principle  in the services that we offer.  We are not interested in develop academics in selling; we are not interested in just helping our clients increase their knowledge about selling. We are principally interested in creating environments , in helping our clients develop the knowledge and skills necessary to eliminate the reason for the gap in sales performance. Thus , throughout this  process,  we are constantly assessing what we are executing to see what is working and what is not working.  So that we can scale what is working and replace what is not.

This iterative process is what ultimately helps our clients to achieve 25-50%  sales production  increase at the least and 100% sales target attainment at this highest!