The How

Once you have settled on “The What”, what  you are striving for, what you are working for, what you  ultimately want, the next step is to determine “The How”. That is, how will you achieve it?  How will you get from where you are today, to where you desire to be tomorrow? What are the things that you will need to do, to obtain, to reach your definite chief aim? This is in essence the planning stage.  This is where we craft the strategy that will lead us to our coveted destination.

“The How”, is often referred to as “the strategy”, “the game plan”,  the road map” “the action plan”, “the master plan”, “the plan of action” etc…

Now there are two  broad schools of thoughts on how once should go about  developing this game plan. These perspectives are  generally referred to as deliberate planning and  emergent planning.


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