Not all products will require a detailed supporting structure post purchase. Many products like consumables, which are typically a one-time use product, generally require little to no post purchase support. There are many other products, however that will require not just basic support but also ongoing support throughout the lifespan of that product and the lifespan of the customer. This support can be product based support; it can be service based support; and/or billing or monetary support.

Regardless of the nature and kind of support, the key objective is to ensure that whatever problems, issues, and/or challenges that the customer might be experiencing is resolved to the satisfaction of the customer. Failure to do so will put the customer at risk of defecting due to dissatisfaction. This may also lead to the customer wanting to return the product and requesting a refund.

At the Academy of Applied Science, we understand how vital supporting the customer post purchase is. Because when done satisfactorily, the customer is  more likely to keep the current product. They are also more likely to be a repeat customer many times over and to be an excellent source for referrals.

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