The Assessment

Current State ——————- The Gap ————- Destination

This step aims to identify the space  between the current situation and what is desired, between what is intended and what is actually achieved. So that corrective actions can be taking.  It seeks to look at

The Facts

We must do a reality check; we must face the facts;

Evaluate the end state?

Is the end state realistic?

Is it possible under current conditions?


Work to bridge the gap


Do we need to scale back the vision?

Look at the strategy

Look at the tactics?

What is working AND What is not working?

What do we need to keep?

What do we need to change?

Are we doing everything correctly?

Do we need to stop doing something?

Do we need to modify anything?

What is missing?

Look at the resources?

Are we lacking anything that we must have to accomplish this mission?

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