Christopher is the founder of Bass Christopher & Associates, a peak sales performance company that helps sales reps and sales leaders eliminate the greatest and most crippling challenges to generating the right prospects and winning more sales faster.

He writes, speaks, trains, and coaches anyone that is suffering from these two great pains. His new book is entitled THE PLAYBOOK  On Fixing Anemic Sales Pipelines Volume I: Prospecting published by Surrogate Press. The book is available on Amazon and wherever books are sold.

1. Christopher has more than twenty years of lead generation and selling experience. If there is a role, he has done it.

  • This includes everything from a  sales rep with a quota to a sales director, sales coach, and head sales trainer.
  • He also is an avid reader. He claimed to have read over 5000 books on a number of topics but mostly business, marketing, sales, and personal development
  • This gives him the “right combination of expertise” to help sales teams of all types more top-line sales

2. Christopher will be the first to tell you that while knowing all that you can about sales, your product, your industry, and your space, the key to success is to get this knowledge translated is duplicable and scalable skills.

  • Because it is only when we can execute the skill of selling automatically, that we then have the time to see both the 40K feet view as well as the individual trees,  predicting and strategizing on how to get your desire results right now.
  • Because of this, Christopher and his team over emphasize drilling, practicing, rehearsing, and role planning as critical components to developing this high level of sales effectiveness.

3. Off the stage, Christopher lives a simple life,.

  • When not working (which is all the time), he enjoys exercising, hiking and hanging out at the beach
  • He also has a teenage son, Christopher Santiago, that he hangs out with and helps him master basketball game
  • Christopher makes his home in Los Angeles, CA