Cicero and Socrates knew it.  As did Frederick Douglas, Winston Churchill, Martin Luther King.  That is true for John F. Kennedy, Aung San Suu Kyi, the Dalai Lama, plus a host of others. These famous orators knew that public speaking has been one of the primary means of educating, inspiring and motivating people to solve problems, deal with challenges, aspire to improbable heights and accomplish great things. At Bass Christopher & Associate our first mission is to leverage this same media to accomplish the similar ends.

True to this spirit, Christopher is known by his direct, no-nonsense, practical and passionate speaking style that provide his audiences with information that they can immediately leverage to see results.  This style also serves as the foundation for his sales training, coaching and consulting practices.

At the end of the day, Christopher’s audience and clients realize that if there are challenges, barriers, and obstacles getting in the way of achieving their desired sales results, then they must be willing to explore all options, make many difficult yet timely decisions, take massive actions today and make the necessary adjustment along the way. Otherwise, the results they seek with be forever out of their reach.   Christopher’s approach which is non-dogmatic, very empirically driven and battle-tested from years of experience is just what the doctor ordered.


There are times when just giving information and affecting mental and behavioral changes are not enough. Instead, the development, refinement and mastery of certain skills are supremely paramount.  This is where our small and large group training sessions are critical. They give our clients the invaluable opportunity to translate knowledge and information into a skill. This is kind of training involves hands-on learning and repeated application until the skill being developed becomes second nature.  At Bass Christopher & Associates, we often provide this group training in two varieties: Group Sales Training I:  Basic Training, and Group Sales Training II: Customized Training.

We understand that our client’s problems and challenges can be very unique and thus require a very tailored approach.  Thus, we often are asked to provide dedicated training for our client’s group specific to our client’s industry.


Unlike training that is essentially telling our clients want to do and how to do it, sales coaching is about helping and enabling our clients and our client’s team to win.  Instead of managing the results, or controlling the various factors, with our sales coaching program we help our clients shape and guide the behaviors or the steps that will lead to the desired results.  While sales training can be either group oriented and 1-on-1, Sales coaching is always a 1-on-1 approach. Through a highly interactive process that mirrors the Socratic Method we help our clients focus on their strengths and weakness, with encourage and inspiring them to improve the goal setting ability, making better decisions, and taking the necessary actions to achieve greater results.


For a select number of clients, we can and do take a greater hands-on-approach where we are owning the execution of the project from beginning to end. In other words, once the strategy has been designed and there is sign-off from the client, we meticulously begin to implement that strategy, determining schedule, leverage resources, executing tasks etc. This style of consulting is more akin to project management than the simply giving of advice that would inform the decision-making processes.