True to its name, the selling stage is just that.  It is the stage of the  Pres-Sales Phase where a salesperson seeks to present the product or service that best fits the prospects needs, wants, desires, requirements, etc. This is also where the salesperson discusses things like features and benefits.  The salesperson also gets feedback and/or confirmation from the prospect that the featured product is or is not a fit.  If the product is a fit, the salesperson will continue to advance the sale to the next step; if the product is not a fit, the salesperson will find out what deficiency the product has while also seeking to find another product that is a better fit.

This presentational stage is also known by a number of terms like product demonstration, showcase or exhibition.  At this stage, the salesperson additionally presents the price and the terms for purchase. Depending upon the complexity of the sales process such a presentation can be informal and communicated verbally; while others that are much more complicated or constituting a complex sale will require a formal proposal or some other written document that serves as a basis for outlining the contractual relationship that lie ahead.

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