Sales 101

The Sales Maximization Process  (often referred to as the Sales Process)  includes any and all steps, stages and phases necessary for acquiring,  maintaining and growing sales.

It might be helpful to think of the sales maximization process  consisting of two major phases separated only by the sale. The first part of this process is called the Pre-Sales Phase.  It consists of any and all the steps we take in order to acquire a new customer. This first phase is often referred to as the “road to the sale”. The second phase is the Post-Sales Phase  and consists of steps we take to maintain and grow sales from the new business/ customer.  This second phase has also been referred to as the Customer Success Phase. 

Far too many sales’ guru and sales’ programs talk about and emphasize ONLY the Pre-Sales Phase of the maximization process. We believe that such thinking and emphasis is NOT  just short-sighted but also costly in terms of missed revenue opportunities.  Think about it;  while acquiring new business /new customer/ new revenue is highly important. So much so that without it,  a business can not exist.  It is equally important to have structures, processes, and procedures  for maintaining and growing that newly acquired business. Doing this  will enable a business to stay in business AS WELL AS scale to new levels, notwithstanding, an acceptable customer churn or defection levels. 

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