Prospecting  is that early stage of the Pre-Sales Phase. It is tasked with either finding and/or creating sales opportunities for the sales pipeline.  Prospecting is nothing more than exploring or hunting for sales opportunities. This part of the sales process consists of such broad steps like:


Establishing contact;


Setting Appointments;

Piquing Interest;

And, discovering or conducting a Needs/Situational Analysis;

At the Academy of Applied Selling, we exist partly to provide key sales personnel with the resources and the training opportunities to be successful in this phase. Rather your role is strictly one of prospecting like a lead generator, business development rep, appointment setter, etc… or rather your role is an account executive or sales rep who works the deal from beginning to end,  a comprehensive understanding and mastery of the  ins and outs of prospecting is necessary if a salesperson is to truly be a top producer.

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