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Full Name |  Christopher E. Bass

Resides | Los Angeles, CA

Company | Bass Christopher & Associates

Mail | 6117 Reseda Blvd, STE 201, Tarzana, CA 91335

Phone | 818.722.1240

FAX | 818.722.3451

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Title | THE PLAYBOOK On Fixing Anemic Sales Pipelines Volume I: Prospecting

Author | Christopher Bass, MBA

Publication Date | April 2018

ISBN  |  978-1-947459-14-4  (paperback) |  978-1-947-459-14-1  (ebook)

Retail Price | $19.95 (paperback)  |  $8.95 (Kindle)  | $4.99 (PDF ebook) 

Page Count | 144

Available at | Amazon  |  Kindle  | Direct from BC&A  | Wherever Books are Sold




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Christopher Bass, sales expert with over twenty years of sales and lead generation experience,  has just released a very practical and straight-forward new book for any sales professional regardless of title and who needs to generate a pipeline full of qualified prospects.  It’s called THE PLAYBOOK On Fixing Anemic Sales Pipelines Volume  I: Prospecting.  

“Get ready to do some highlighting and underlining as Christopher Bass walks you through his tested and proven steps that take anyone from nurturing prospects to closing a deal.  Whether you are new to sales and need to absorb all you can, or you are a seasoned professional reading this material for a brush-up, there is something here for everyone.  You will learn how to define your target (what works, and what doesn’t), how to open doors and move through the process, timing, words to use, who to talk to, and how to navigate your own and your prospects’ pain points. But most importantly, if you replicate the guidance in Christopher’s book, you WILL close more sales”.  Gabriella Sande Waterman – Owner, GSW Financial Partners

To be successful in sales today,  sales professionals must have a pipeline full of the right quantity and right quality of prospects. Even if you are leveraging inbound marketing, if you are still suffering from a weak sales pipeline,  then make no mistake you must develop the know-how and skills to prospect effectively. In  THE PLAYBOOK, Christopher shows you how. 

THE PLAYBOOK offers an easy to apply framework on how to prospect. It provides a step-by-step guide with proven strategies and easy-to-replicate tips on the essential elements to prospecting effectively and efficiently.  Whether you are new to sales or a seasoned vet, whether you are a business development rep, a sales professional, a sales leader, or an entrepreneur, learning  how to “beef up” your sales pipelines is a must if you want to win more sales. 

Do yourself and your commission check a favor, get this book today and start building your “bottomless” sales pipeline immediately!

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Winning in sales means that you have to exactly  win business, be it from new customers or existing ones. Yet, no sales can happen, no sales does happen until you have qualified prospects.  If you suffering from not having enough qualified prospects to close, and if your sales are taking a tremendous hit a result,  you need to get THE PLAYBOOK: On Fixing Anemic Sales Pipelines Volume I : Prospecting by Christopher Bass. 


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Interview Topics

The Debate of Inbound Marketing vs. Outbound Prospecting

Lead Generation Strategies with the Highest ROI

Process for Generating Leads

Technology and Prospecting/ Inbound Marketing

The Role of Social Media with Prospecting

Interview Questions

How do you define prospecting?

How does prospecting differ from inbound marketing?

Which is better?

Should every sales rep prospect?

How much prospecting should a rep perform?

What are the steps to prospecting effectively?

What is the end result of prospecting?

Is cold-calling deal?

How does social prospecting fit into this conversation?

What are the tops reasons that sales reps don’t or won’t prospect?