Our Academy of Applied Selling is tasked with helping any and all sales people regardless of their sales capacity, regardless of their title or position, become a top producer in their department,  their company,  and if so desire, their industry or the world. We help sales folks who are in some kind of revenue impacting position, be it new business or existing business.  We emphasize the “producer” aspect of this statement, because we see a big difference in “knowing how to sale”  and “being skilled at selling”.

In today’s economy, customers are not only savvy, but they have tons of options. If you are not effective at targeting the right customers; bonding and building rapport; discovering needs, wants and desire; matching the right product to those wants and requirements; convincing the prospect that your offer is the best/right fit for them;  closing them;  and providing service that results in satisfied and loyal fans that buy from you over and over again, but who also refer others to you, then you will lose out in this race to win customer.

We are also dedicated to helping those who are “not in a sales specific role” acquire the know -how and real world skills necessary to get what they desire and want in their lives, their careers and in their dealings with others. Let’s face it! Simply wanting something or desiring a thing, does not guarantee that  you will get it.  Many times, you will need to work for it; you might  need to negotiate for it or you might need to get agreement from others and motivate them to take some course of action that will lead to you getting what you want.

We  understand  from our own  study and experience that the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in selling are also essential to being successful in getting what we want and desire. This is true,  specifically if what we want and desire requires the involvement of others who can impact whether or not you get what you want, what you desire!

Thus, what we present at our Academy of Applied Selling is both theory and application. We give you the invaluable opportunity to learn in real world settings the knowledge and skills necessary to be a producer; to get results; to get things gone; to get what you want and desire!