Group Training

Our Group Training Programs are designed for small and large groups alike. These training sessions are structured so that your team gets the full  benefit of working with others  in real world simulated training sessions that are focused on  drilling, practicing, rehearing, role playing and assessing  not present when training alone. These trainings can be conducted either  “on-site”* (at your facility) or off-site” ( at our facility). 

Group Sales Training I: 90 Minutes Sales Clinics:

The first type of Group Sales Training is what we referred to as   “90 Minute Sales Clinics”.  Our research and experience show that participants, (trainees), get the “biggest bang for their bucks” when training sessions are short, concentrated and focused.  Unlike the Customized Group Training, the 90 Minute Sales Clinics are designed to focus on the major challenges that are inherent in just about every poor, ineffective,  average sales performance. However, we will customize a program to include more or less time or any other factors that would fit the specific needs of your group.


The costs for these clinics vary based on the type of clinic, the location for the clinic, plus a few other factors.  Click  Here for  Details on Current Training Clinics with Pricing! 

Group Sales Training II: Customized Training: 

This is the second type of Group Sales Training.  Again, our “90 Minute Sales Clinics”, are designed around certain key objectives and major challenges that our experiences and research indicate are the  major ones needing addressed doing “comprehensive” training. However,  if you desire,  need,  your team to have a customized training program that is particular to your industry, your company, and your people, then we can design such a program.

We understand that your problems and challenges can be very unique and thus require a very tailored approach. We can provide dedicated training for your group specific to your industry; we can schedule training around those times most convenient for your group; we can customize certain reports and key assessments that are in line with your in-house analytics and/or tracking program, just to name a few.


The costs for  Customized  Group Sales Training varies based on the type of program, the number of sales reps to train, the number of hours involved and the duration of the training.

Which one to choose? 

If you are not sure of which Group Sales Training program is right for  your team, give us a call.  We can walk you through a Sales Performance Gap Analysis to determine what the gap in performance is relative to your targeted performance vs the actual performance. We can then make a recommendation on which program  is the best fit for  your team.

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*On-site training reserved for 3+ agent;