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Review Questions

What should I do WHEN what I am doing, WHEN what I have been doing, DOES NOT SEEM to be delivering the results?

How long should I maintain/stay the course? When should I look for an alternative route?

What should I do if I am not seeing the ROI, the Fruits of my Labor; my Harvest, my Yield, the Desire Results?

Should I stay the course?  If so, how long should I maintain it?

Should I modify anything?

Should I stop? Should I quit? Should I discard anything?  Should I be looking to change the destination or the game plan?

What should I do when the path that I am on ends up at a dead end?

It is never ok, to give up on what you want, what you desire most, what  you are passionate about, what you believe is your purpose, or what will give you meaning. It is never ok, to abandon that.  It is, however, ok  to abandon a path that is not leading you to that destination.

The Gap Analysis

A technique that businesses use to determine what steps need to be taken in order to move from its “current state” to its “desired, future state”.  Looking at:

  1. what the gap is;
  2. why the gap exists;
  3. and how to best reduce that gap.

Once determined,  you must do all that is needed to bridge the gap and move further and further along the journey of making the current state match/ fit the desired state.

Winning Each Day



According to Lou Holtz   to “WIN” or to do “What’s Important Now” is the key to winning each day.  If at the end of your day, during your review and reflection portion of your day, if you can honestly answer the question of whether you did what was important today, whether you did  today what you needed to do to consistently advance toward your goal, then you can confidently say that you “WON” the day.

Are you winning the day?


Winning is both macro and micro. Macro in the sense  that you have to answer the BIG Question of whether you have won the quest, the journey, the contest, the competition, the battle, etc… Or has your opponent won? Remember, an opponent can be anything or anyone that seeks to stop, distract, or deter you from achieving your goal of winning, of achieving, of succeeding. That opponent can also be YOU!

Winning is also micro in the sense that you have to be able to answer the smaller yet highly significant questions of whether you are winning each quarter, winning each inning, winning each day, winning each week, winning each month and each year?  Or again, has your opponent won the inning, the day, the week, the quarter, the down, etc…? Read more

Episode VIII: What is and is not working?


1. Once you know what your goal is…
2. Once you have outlined a broad series of steps in the form of a game plan or definite plan…
3. Once you have begun to take action to execute that plan with the objective of achieving your goal…
4. Your next step is to review the progress to see how well you are doing or what adjustments need to be made.

In this episode, I want to come full circle and discuss The Review Portion of our process.

• I will define what it is;
• I will explain why it is important; and
• I will outline a simple yet effective for conducting your own review;