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Winning Demands Sacrifices!



Winning demands payment. It does not matter whether you are seeking to win in Life,   win in your Relationship, win in your Career,  win as a Parent, etc… This payment is most often demanded in the form of sacrifices.  That is, giving up those things that are near and dear to your heart to achieve that one coveted desire.  The question before any aspiring winner, “are you willing to pay THAT PRICE“?

-Montabass Academy

Great Things Come to Those who wait!

How often to you get up early and forego sleep in order to live your dream? How often do you choose the TV over working on fulfilling your purpose?  How often do you select to save your discretionary money to either invest or to buy a house rather than spending it on other things? How many times have we heard about a person putting up with a job to help boost his/her career later?  Read more