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Be Obsessed or be average! Chapter 12: Obsessed with Persistence

Persistence is of the great characteristics of success. Remember tt is never acceptable, it is never ok to quit on your goals, to quit on your dreams.  You must always, always, always see your goals through.

When things don’t turn out the way that they were supposed to, you don’t need to be comforted or consoled; you need to be supported, you need to find out what went wrong and find a way to do the fitting thing.

You are at your best wen you are outside your comfort zone, pushing yourself and pushing limits to make the impossible possible

Only Quitting is Failure

No matter how bad it gets or how hard becomes,  not how many times I fail, I will never quit. If I don’t see it today, if I don’t see it tomorrow or the next day, i will never quit.  Moreover, you can’t afford to be in the perpetual mode of quitting, this does your nor  your confidence any justice. Always have faith that you will get to your destination one day.

When you fell like quitting remember the success stories of all the other greats you refused to quit.

The super successful dont just overcome their failure, they use them as fuel to persist

It is impossible to strive for greatness and to never fail many times long the way!

The difference between success and failure is staying in the game when others throw in the towel.

In many professional sports, many teams win the game within the last 2 minutes of the game.

You need to see it thought, all the way through no matter what, no matter how bad.

When failure comes don’t think of reason to give up, think of reasons to keep going..

Persist Until Miracles Happens

Get it Done, Then Get it Right

Perfectionsition is just a fancy word for not getting started and not persisting;

There is no excuse for not persisting


Never Give Up! No Matter How Traumatic the Suffering

don't give up, get up Heather Obrien

In 2001, then Heather Obrien (now Heather O’Brien Walker) was planning her wedding. While working on the job, Heather tripped over a cardboard box tumbling to the ground.  During the fall, Heather hit her head not once but twice.  During the initial fall, she hit the front of her head on a heavy metal shelf which knocked her unconscious.   She then fell face- first onto the concrete floor.   Read more

The Refusal to Give Up or Give In!

Webster’s online dictionary defines persistence as “firm or obstinate continuance in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition”. Obstinate is defined as stubbornly refusing to change one opinion or chosen course of action despite attempts to persuade one to do so., not yielding.   The trait of persistence has been called many different names like:  perseverance, tenacity, staying power, steadfastness, pertinacity, stick-to-it-ivenss. Whatever word you use, it is simply the “refusal to give up or give in to that which you have committed to doing”.

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