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Falling Down, Getting Up and Staying the Course, No Matter What!


2016-07-03 08.52.46

Today, I went for a 2-mile hike in Ed Davis Park in Towsley Canyon located in Santa Clarita, CA.  Along the way, I begin to think about all that had transpired in my life the past few weeks.  It has been one of those weeks which has challenged and frustrated me like no other week has. Let me first state that last week I fell. I mean I fell hard. Instead of getting up like I normally do, like I teach and train others to do, I laid there.  Instead of getting up, brushing myself off, I reacted very emotionally and aggressively to what I thought/ believed had caused the fall. Instead of taking stock of where I had fallen, and why I had fallen and how I could prevent it from happening a second time, I became resentful. I became angry. I took on a victim’s mentality asking why me. I did all the negative things that I know, again that I know, I should not have done.  For this, I am deeply upset with myself because I know that I am capable of and have done so much better. Let me explain what I mean. Read more

Committed, or just Interested?


The Problem:

Do you sometimes wrestle with the decision of whether to exercise each day? Do you sometimes make exceptions to the foods you will eat today despite needing to stick to a particular diet and later kicking yourself in the butt for the lack of results? Do you sometimes debate with yourself whether to study for that test or to watch TV instead?  Do you find yourself frequently making plans to do something or go somewhere but later finding that you never kept your plans or made that trip? Read more

Commitment Defined


The Questions

What is commitment? How important is commitment to the attainment of one’s goals?  Is there a difference between dedication and commitment or commitment and loyalty?  How does making a commitment to “say a goal” influence or dictate behavior? What does it mean to honor our commitments?  What is the expected outcome when there is a lack of commitment? What is the typical outcome this same lacks?
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