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Choices: I Always Have One!


Like so many before me and so many after me, I have had to learn one of life’s most valuable lessons the hard way.  I have had to learn that part of winning is understanding,  at a very basic level, it is all about choices. What we allow to become the dominant thought of our minds, the decisions we allow ourselves to make, the words we allow ourselves to speak, the actions we allow ourselves to take, or the responses we allow ourselves to display, are all a matter of choice.

I have had to learn that regardless of what others say, life is pretty clear on this matter.   I have always had a choice.  I always have a choice. Even if the only two options are either “to do” or “not to do” something. I might not like the fact that those are the only two options. I might not like the consequences of either option, but I always have a choice.

Thus, part of Winning and doing some Purposely and Consistently is understanding and applying this fundamental truth.  I need to ensure that I am making the “Right Choices”, the “Best Choices” that position me to Win.

How do you habitually respond?


Any given event will illicit a positive, negative or neutral response depending on the particular frame of reference of the observer…. Since we can chose our attitudes…,it make little difference what is actually happening. It is how [we], personally, take it that really counts.  Winners choose their responses; non-winner give others the power to dictate their responses.

-Dr. Denis Waitely

Winning Demands Sacrifices!



Winning demands payment. It does not matter whether you are seeking to win in Life,   win in your Relationship, win in your Career,  win as a Parent, etc… This payment is most often demanded in the form of sacrifices.  That is, giving up those things that are near and dear to your heart to achieve that one coveted desire.  The question before any aspiring winner, “are you willing to pay THAT PRICE“?

-Montabass Academy

The Power of Choice!


We can’t change the nature or circumstances of our birth; we have no control over how we start out in life.

We do have the power to determine who we become and where/how we finish; that determination is fueled by the power of choice.

What choices will you make today that will produce the desired results?

-Montabass Academy