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Adversity: Handle it! Overcome it! Profit from it!



In the first edition of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy, Bruce Wayne, out of rage against a corrupt justice system which sets the man free that murdered his parents in front of him, decides to travel the world, learning new skills and abilities to confront injustice.  He meets Henri Ducard, who trains him to reach his highest potential, to epitomize excellence in his desired skills; Along the way, however, there are many obstacles, challenges, set-backs, personal demons, etc.… that Bruce has to handle, overcome and profit from in order to realize his goal of being a crusader for justice.  It is not an easy journey.

As we begin to execute the steps in our game plan, as we begin to perform actions to reach our destination, there will be times Read more

Overcoming and Profiting from the “Stuff” that gets in the way of Winning!


Whether you call it adversity, challenges, roadblocks, pitfalls, obstacles, set-backs, misfortunes, missteps, mistakes,  or hardships, your degree of success in reaching your “desired destination” of achieving your “highest goal”, or attaining the “objects of your desire” is determined in part by how  you handle,  how you overcome,  and how you ultimately profit from all the “stuff” that tends to get in the way of you winning.

-Montabass Academy

Barriers, Obstacles, Roadblocks, Pitfalls and other Challenges

Challenge = a Test of a Person’s Ability

The Questions

What are challenges?  What do challenges mean in relationship to reaching one’s goals? What are the kinds of challenges a person might encounter along the way to success? What traits, abilities, skills must a person have to successfully overcome any challenges that he/she confronts?

What are challenges?

If you Google, “what is a challenge”, you are likely to get 390 Million results.  Cambridge Dictionary Online defines challenges as “the situation of being faced with something that needs great mental and physical effort in order to be done successfully and therefore tests a person’s ability”. Read more