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Brand New Year! Brand New Attitude!

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For the past years, too many years to count, my attitude has been a liability, rather than an asset. Meaning instead of my attitude helping me to get what I want,  helping me reach my goals,  reach my fullest potential, instead my attitude has hindered, made my life extremely difficult, and even stopped me from moving forward. It short, my attitude stunk! I could go on for days analyzing the causes for it, but such an analysis is pointless. I can’t go back and change what has happened, I can only change who and what I am today so that my tomorrow is supremely better than my yesterdays.

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How do you habitually respond?


Any given event will illicit a positive, negative or neutral response depending on the particular frame of reference of the observer…. Since we can chose our attitudes…,it make little difference what is actually happening. It is how [we], personally, take it that really counts.  Winners choose their responses; non-winner give others the power to dictate their responses.

-Dr. Denis Waitely

I Can! I Will! I Must!

If you got an expected gift of an old automobile that needed a lot of work, how would you view the gift? If you were in sales and your first sales call went wrong, how would you view that call and the next call? Let’s say the first 5 calls went the same way? How would you now respond? How would you respond if and when your spouse did not respond to your attempts to be sexually intimate? What if this happened a lot? What if your boss beaconed you into his office and informed you that unfortunately, due to budget cuts or any other number of reasons, the company had to let you go today? How would you respond?

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