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No one but You!


When others tell you that you can’t do something, that you can’t live your our dreams, that you can’t be who you desire to be,  that you can’t have what you crave, or that you can’t go where you long to…

Do you let what they say, or what they do, stop you?Or  do you use all such negativity as fuel to achieve nonetheless?

Do you take the de-motivating crap that others say to you or about you and prove them right or prove them wrong? 

Who, other than you, has the right to tell you that you can’t do what you desire and dream of doing? Who, other than you,   has the right to tell you what your vision, what your dreams should be? Who, other than you,  has the right to tell you what you ought to dedicate your life, your time, your energy to?

The only person in this world, who can truly stop you from achieving, from being, from having, or from doing, is YOU!

Be Unstoppable!


Episode VIII: What is and is not working?


1. Once you know what your goal is…
2. Once you have outlined a broad series of steps in the form of a game plan or definite plan…
3. Once you have begun to take action to execute that plan with the objective of achieving your goal…
4. Your next step is to review the progress to see how well you are doing or what adjustments need to be made.

In this episode, I want to come full circle and discuss The Review Portion of our process.

• I will define what it is;
• I will explain why it is important; and
• I will outline a simple yet effective for conducting your own review;