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Relentless execution

From Dave Brock’s Blog

Top performers are obsessive in their learning because the are very goal directed.  Their learning is purposeful and intended to help them achieve their goals.  Their goal is not just to be the most knowledgeable person in the room/conversation, but to achieve something.  Whether it’s to incite a customer to change, gain support for an initiative within their own organization, build or grow a business, they leverage knowledge in execution.

But they are relentless.  They know they will be kicked in the teeth, they will fail, they will fall short of their goals.  They aren’t deterred, they keep going–but not blindly, but based on what they’ve learned.  Their past experience informs and focuses their future execution.  They are agile, nimble and adaptable in their execution.  They recognize that doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result is insanity.  They learn the power of pivoting–whether it’s a business strategy, a sales strategy, or something else. Read more

Discounting the Objection

In this closing technique, whenever the prospects gives a minor objection, the sales person ignores it and ask a closing question.

For those that advocate using this technique,  they recommend doing this 2-3 time at most. If the prospect restates the objection 3 times, it is time to handle it rather than continuing to dismiss it

Post Payment Capture! What happens next?

After closing on the product, and after closing on the price and terms, it is now time to tell the new client,  what to do and what to expect.

Sales Rep

  • Great, so here is what we need to do to get you started.
  • First, I need the total number of users
  • Second billing address

Sales Rep

  • Which Credit card would you like to put it on.


  • Provide the payment method and give information…

Sales Rep

  • confirm the information by reading back the CC#
  • Tell the prospect what he should expect now.


What are Live Lead Tranfers?

Live leads transfers are “hot leads” that are generated by a third party company for you. These companies serve as an outsourced lead generator for your lead needs.

Live lead transfers companies typically uses various lead generation techniques like Direct Mail, Telemarketing, Radio, TV, etc., to drive inbound phone traffic to their call centers.

Once the consumer calls into the call center, an inbound call representation per-qualifies the interested consumer and will gather specific information based your requests.

Once the lead meets your requirements, the lead is then transferred directly to number you per-determined.

From there, your business receives the “live transferred lead” and works it as part of your normal sales process.