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Competitive Fire


According to Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman, in their book “Top Dog”, “competitive fire” is the ability to turn up effort when challenged. Competitive fire is important in that it separates those who rise to the challenge and push themselves beyond their limits to win as opposed to those who crumple under stress or those who are unfazed by competition.  Think of Micheal Jordan, of Joe Marino,  Jack Nicklaus, etc… these athletes while great,  where able to reach higher levels of success as a result of their competitive fire.

What is an ambitious man without resources?

Image of WR Hearst

I just finish reading the biography of William Randolph Hearst (WR. Hearst) by Ben Procter entitled the Early Years 1863-1910. Having visited the Hearst Castle outside San Luis Obispo, CA a few years back, I have been curious as to whom the man was that had built such a grand estate?  What was his background? What challenges or obstacles had he overcome? Was he born from privilege?  What principles did he embrace that propelled him to success? Who were his role models?  I must say that I had learned a lot about William Randolph Hearst this weekend.  Now, I would like to share my perspective. Read more

Never Give Up! No Matter How Traumatic the Suffering

don't give up, get up Heather Obrien

In 2001, then Heather Obrien (now Heather O’Brien Walker) was planning her wedding. While working on the job, Heather tripped over a cardboard box tumbling to the ground.  During the fall, Heather hit her head not once but twice.  During the initial fall, she hit the front of her head on a heavy metal shelf which knocked her unconscious.   She then fell face- first onto the concrete floor.   Read more

The Law of Success

Law of Success

Napoleon Hills 17 Principles for Success

  • The Master Mind
  • A Definite Chief Aim
  • Self confidence
  • The Habit of Saving
  • Initiative and Leadership
  • Imagination
  • Enthusiasm
  • Self-Control
  • Doing More than Paid For
  • Accurate Thinking
  • Concentration
  • Cooperation
  • Profit by Failure
  • Tolerance
  • Golden Rule
  • Universal Law