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Falling Down, Getting Up and Staying the Course, No Matter What!


2016-07-03 08.52.46

Today, I went for a 2-mile hike in Ed Davis Park in Towsley Canyon located in Santa Clarita, CA.  Along the way, I begin to think about all that had transpired in my life the past few weeks.  It has been one of those weeks which has challenged and frustrated me like no other week has. Let me first state that last week I fell. I mean I fell hard. Instead of getting up like I normally do, like I teach and train others to do, I laid there.  Instead of getting up, brushing myself off, I reacted very emotionally and aggressively to what I thought/ believed had caused the fall. Instead of taking stock of where I had fallen, and why I had fallen and how I could prevent it from happening a second time, I became resentful. I became angry. I took on a victim’s mentality asking why me. I did all the negative things that I know, again that I know, I should not have done.  For this, I am deeply upset with myself because I know that I am capable of and have done so much better. Let me explain what I mean. Read more

Relationship Communication


We all know this to be true but how many of us really communicate with our spouses?  How many of us are talking at our spouse instead of to our spouse?  How many of us are listening when our spouses are talking?  Think about these questions, if you responded with a no to these questions then let’s make the necessary changes to make the answers yes next time you’re asked…

Relationship Thought of the Day!


As you’re reading the above quote do the words start sounding familiar?  Have you or do you feel the same?  Have you considered walking away???  I’m sure many of us can respond with a yes to many of these questions…

Now the real questions are…  Is there lack of communication in your relationship?  Is there lack of commitment?  Is there lack of intimacy?

We’d love to hear what your responses are….