Generating Inbound Inquiry

  • Step 1. Generate awareness (Customers Know that you Exist)
  • Methods;
    • They receive a call from you;
    • They get  mail piece;
    • They get a email;
    • They see your add online;
    • Someone tell them about you;
    • They hear a speech or presentation you give;
  • Step 2. Generate Interest
    • How do  you generate interest? Moreover, how do you know when a prospect is interested in your offering?
  • Step 3: They are able to find you
  • Step 4: Take Action
  • Visit Website
    • download white paper;
    • watch a video;
    • sign up for updates;
    • request information;
    • request Price quote;
    • request Demo/Free Trial;
  • Visit Store
  • Email –
  • Call in-
  • Fax in-
  • Mail in –

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