Part of designing an effective prospecting plan is selecting and leveraging the right #communicationchannel
Your mission in prospecting? #Find, #contact, #engage and #qualify!
  To find or to be found, that is the question.  Or at least that sounded great when I thought about it. In all seriousness, this does seem to be the great debate of our time when it comes to how to build a pipeline of qualified prospects.  You might be more familiar with the framing of this debate with such terms as inbound marketing versus outbound prospecting. While I understand the premises of each
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A mind that is free to wander is a mind that is free to explore, to create and to dwell on negative thoughts, images, and past experiences.  Yet, a disciplined mind is one that is focused, controlled and seemingly less free than an undisciplined mind. There are both pros and cons to a disciplined and an undisciplined mind. The key is to find the “right” combination of a mind that is disciplined enough to focus on the
  My interview starts at 31-minute mark! You can fast forward to that spot if you desire.
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  As long as you are clear on what you want; As long as you know your why; As long as you are willing to pay the necessary cost to attain your ultimate desire; You don’t have to have a detailed plan of how you will attain it. You simply need to start where you are with what you have and just figure it out along the way!