Endure = suffer (something painful or difficult) patiently. How much can you endure, how much will you endure, for what you believe you, for your dreams, for the ultimate object of your desires?
  The “Grind”  ( #grind) refers to the daily struggle to get ahead.  This term is used almost religiously in the personal development world from those “experts” who are “self-made”.  The Grind is another word for “the hustle”.  This term can be both positive and negative. At times, I think it refers to those who are busting their butts each day to get ahead, to achieve their heart’s desire, to attain greatness. This is, of  
#DailySalesTip   This is an introduction regarding the new format I will leverage in delivering to you my daily tips on “How To Win More Sales”. #howtowinmoresales. I have concluded that while videos and the written word are excellent methods for delivering this valued content, there is at least one essential element lacking.  What is this element you are asking? Well, both videos and the written word, lack the mobility and/or flexibility that a
I just finished reading the following book PLATFORM: GET NOTICED IN A NOISY WORLD by Michael Hyatt.   It is a great book for anyone looking to get noticed by his/her audience in a crowded marketplace.  According to Michael, if you have something to say ( blog, seminar, song, screenplay, sermon, etc..) you are on a stage.    However, the stage is crowded. It is more crowded than ever before.   Just being on it the stage
  If you were to look up the meaning of promotion in the American Marketing Association Online Dictionary, you would find the term being defined as “coordinated promotional messages and related media used to communicate with a market.”2 Whenever you promote your business, you answer a few key questions. How do I get known by my target market? Where do I need to be (location, presence, and exposure wise) so that my target market can find me
  2: Lead Generation “By far the most efficient approach to deal with your leads is always to use a process that automatically brands you, supplies worth to your prospects follow up with them, and sorts out the uninterested people”. – CallBox Inc – Jeffrey Gitomer is famous for saying, nothing happens until a sale is made. While this is absolutely true, without a lead, no sale can take place, however. This meaning is simple.
Source Have you spent hours developing or creating your website? Do you often wonder how “strong” your website is? Do you often wonder what exactly having a strong website means?  If you are like me, then you probably answer these questions with a yes, yes, and another yes. Well,  I stumbled upon a tool that will give you insights into just how strong your website is. It is called Website Grader by HubSpot.  Website Grader
FYI,  prospecting communication channels are nothing more than the various means of communicating available (ie. #telephone, #email, #SMs, #directmail, #socialmedia, #in-person, etc…)