There may not be many things in life that we do have complete control over. But the one thing that we do have that control over is our attitude.  If we look up the meaning of attitude, we might find many definitions. One such definition defines attitude “as a settled way of thinking or feeling about someone or something, typically one that is reflected in a person’s behavior”.

Attitudes like self talk can be positive or negative.

Negative Attitude:

Negative attitude might come about because we generally have negative outlook on life; it could come about because we are frustrated with things, peoples or events in our life;




Positive Attitude

Positive attitude, have a can do attitude. have a positive outlook on life, expect to win, expect to succeed, expect the good to happen, give others the benefit of the doubt. believes in second changes, believes in the power of change.


Having a positive attitude can help a person deal with the inevitable obstacles, hardships that will appear in ones life, just because. Having a positive attitude is said to be a determinant of success. Talent might determine what you can do;   will determines if you will do it; motivation determines how much you are willing to do, but attitudes determine how well you will do it.