Adoption is that part of the post sales process where the customer begins to learn how to use the product for the sole purpose of determining its worth or usefulness. This is a vital step in eliminating the possibility that the customer might reject the product and look for an alternative. Until a customer fully adopts the product, fully uses the product, it  is virtually impossible for the customer to develop any loyalty let alone become a fan.

For example, if a customer buys a product and never uses it, then adoption has not occurred. There’s a possibility that the customer might return the product; or the customer may keep the product altogether, but never make another purchase of a similar nature or any other product. Moreover, if the customer never uses the product, it  is very unlikely that he or she will tell others like friends, family or coworkers the benefit  and  joy received from owning and using the product;  consequently , this customer never becomes a good source for referrals.

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