My name is Christopher Bass. Currently, I am Director of Inside Sales for a tech firm out of Los Angeles, CA. I have been involved with Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service (aka. Client Relations or Client Services) for 15 plus years.  I have occupied both an individual contributor’s roles and sales leadership roles.  I have worked in just about every aspect of   promotional marketing, sales and client services. Additionally, have have spent hundreds of hours reading, watching, and consuming everything related to the art and science of selling.

As a result,  I have  learned a lot, made a lot of mistakes and learned some more. This blog reflects the evolution of my thinking, understanding  and application on “How to Ultimate Win with Selling”.  As I continue to hone and sharpen those “tools”, this blog will reflect that development.

As such, you, the reader will see

    1. Full and partial postings;
    2. Definition of key terms;
    3. Bookmarks of articles I find relevant to share’
    4. Videos posted on social sites like YouTube’
    5. etc…

In other words, the goal of this blog is to be a resource of ideas, strategies, and tactics of how best to get what you want. Which is to get a prospect to make a “Yes Decision” and to Take Some Course of Action.”!

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