THE PLAYBOOK- Volume I: Prospecting – ebook

THE PLAYBOOK- Volume I: Prospecting – ebook
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Year: 2018
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THE PLAYBOOK on Fixing Anemic Sales Pipelines Volume I: Prospecting – ebook was written by Christopher Bass. Christopher is a sales expert with over twenty years of experience in every possible facet of sales. He speaks, writes, trains, and coaches companies and sales professionals on how to overcome the biggest challenges associated with generating qualified prospects and winning more sales.

With field-tested, real-world experience, academics and intensive self-study under his belt, Christopher has the expertise to help your sales team WIN MORE sales today!

In this ebook, you will learn:

  • Why prospecting is still critically important despite the popularity of inbound marketing
  • How to build the right foundation for prospecting success from day one
  • The 8 steps to becoming great at prospecting
  • Determining the best communication channels for generating prospects based on your goals and objectives
  • The four critical steps to generating an over-flowing pipeline of qualified prospects


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