Christopher Bass is a sales expert with over twenty years of experience in every possible facet of sales. He speaks, writes, trains, and coaches companies and sales professionals on how to overcome the biggest challenges associated with generating qualified prospects and winning more sales efficiently and faster.

A Native of Kansas City, MO (GO ROYALS!!!) ,  Christopher is the middle child of five ( two older brothers, one younger brother and sister). Growing up in Kansas City to a single mom was difficult he says. We didn’t have much, but what we did have came from what his mother could earn working two and three jobs. Christopher often believes he definitely got his work ethic from his mother. 

Having been a trouble youth for most of his life up until the age of twenty-four, Christopher did not graduate high school. He did, however, earn his GED at the age of twenty. He would then earn an Associates Degree from Indiana State University, a BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) and an MBA from the University of Phoenix. Christopher is an avid reader, having read over 3000 books over the past 28 years on a number of subjects, mostly on the subjects of business, sales, marketing,  and personal development.  

Christopher had his first taste of sales when he was just seven years old.  His mother used to give his siblings and him a $1 allowance.  One day, he to took his $1 and went to the local convenience store to purchase  ten packs of  “Now and Later” candies.  He opened each package and dumped the contents into a  brown paper bag.  From there he went to school and began to sell each piece for 05. Things were definitely looking up for him. That is,  until the principle caught him and called his mother. Long story short,  Christopher got in trouble for bringing candy to school and selling it.  There would be many other similar situations throughout his childhood where he would sell things to make extra money.

Christopher did not get serious about sales until his mid-to-late twenties. Since that time, , Christopher has occupied various roles ranging from business development rep, closer, account manager, sales manager, sales director and head sales trainer for many companies. If there is a sales position, Christopher has been there and done that. Having the insight and expertise that only comes with experience, Christopher has faced both great successes and huge failures in pursuit of top sales goals. While the successes validate what works, the failures are equally important in that they teach us what not to do and why.

Christopher’s unique background in theory and application has not only benefited him as a sales rep with a quota, but also has helped hundreds of other sales reps of varying roles and experience, all of whom he has had the great fortune to train, coach and manage.

With field-tested, real-world experience, academics and intensive self-study under his belt, Christopher has the expertise to help your sales team WIN MORE sales today!

Christopher resides in Los Angeles with his son, Christopher Santiago Bass. When he is not working (which is always), Christopher spends time with his son doing fun things and helping his son master his basketball game. 

To learn more about how Christopher can help your organization overcome the key challenges that’s preventing your sales team from winning more sales or to book him to speak at your next event, call 818.722.1240 or email christopher@basschristopher.com