The “Grind” What is it and why do we use this term?

Relentless Pursuit of Better


The “Grind”  ( #grind) refers to the daily struggle to get ahead.  This term is used almost religiously in the personal development world from those “experts” who are “self-made”.  The Grind is another word for “the hustle”.  This term can be both positive and negative. At times, I think it refers to those who are busting their butts each day to get ahead, to achieve their heart’s desire, to attain greatness. This is, of course, a very honorable and admirable course of action. However, they tend to be doing so without a formal plan of action.  Just think about it. If you had a formal plan of action, if you knew exactly what you needed and must do to get ahead, wouldn’t it simply be a matter of execution, rather than of grinding?  Don’t you agree? If not, share your thoughts? I love to hear any counterpoints.

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