Daily Tip on Winning Sales #1

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This is an introduction regarding the new format I will leverage in delivering to you my daily tips on “How To Win More Sales”. #howtowinmoresales. I have concluded that while videos and the written word are excellent methods for delivering this valued content, there is at least one essential element lacking.  What is this element you are asking?

Well, both videos and the written word, lack the mobility and/or flexibility that a busy sales professional needs so that he/she can multi-task. An audio format gives the sales professional the ability to learn on the go;  to learn while driving;  to learn while doing chores;  to learn while exercising; to learn while eating;  to learn while… well I think you get the point. No other platform type, that I am aware of, gives this flexibility to learn on the go like audio content. Thus, giving the sales professional the ability to effectively maximizing his time.

Do yourself a favor and listen to this audio tip. While it is just an introduction, it is a powerful statement of how I plan to leverage this medium and deliver to you, the reader/listener practical answers to the all-powerful question that you should be constantly asking yourself.  Which is, “How do I win more sales today”?

As always, do share your thoughts on this point. Better yet, give me your suggestions on what challenges you would like for me to explore and provide tips on.

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Until the next time, remember this point.

Change is only necessary “ONLY”  when “WHAT” you are presently doing is not delivering you the desired results.  Failure to change that which is no longer working will doom you to suffer the same or worst results. It was Einstein who said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, yet expecting difficult results. Are you insane? I think not.  Therefore, if not “TODAY, if not “NOW”, when will you begin doing something differently? 

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