Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World- Book Recommendation


I just finished reading the following book PLATFORM: GET NOTICED IN A NOISY WORLD by Michael Hyatt.   It is a great book for anyone looking to get noticed by his/her audience in a crowded marketplace.  According to Michael, if you have something to say ( blog, seminar, song, screenplay, sermon, etc..) you are on a stage.    However, the stage is crowded. It is more crowded than ever before.   Just being on it the stage is not enough.   To succeed, you have to “attract the right audience, turn on the brightest lights you can find, build a passionately loyal following”.  PLATFORM will help you develop the know-how to accomplish this and much more.

The book is an excellent read. It offers a very practical step-by-step system for

  • creating a product that WOWs,
  • building the foundations of your Platform prior to launch,
  • expanding your reach once your Platform is launch, and most importantly,
  • knowing how to engage with your audience so that they not only come back but bring a friend or two with them

I purchased the book at the recommendation of a fellow sales trainer that I network with often. I read the book through from cover to cover one time. I also purchased the audio-book and listen to it twice while doing chores around the house. Now, I am going through the book meticulously to extract those points that I can begin to implement immediately in my own quest to significantly grow my own Platform.

As you can tell from my description above, I do recommend this book to anyone looking for a straightforward, yet proven, system for getting noticed by his/her audience in an ever increasingly noisy marketplace.

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