The Importance of Sales in Life and in Non-Sales-Specific Roles in the Business

A couple weeks back I wrote on article entitled ” Sales and Its Importance to Business Survivability”. Today, I want to expand on this point. This time with two other equally important areas. Because as vitally important as the sales role is to a business, the ability to sell is equally important in other roles in the organization and to other aspects of our lives.

This is especially true whenever we are seeking to get “what we want” and where the attainment of “what we want” involves another person’s willing participation.  Learning how to sell is, therefore, equally important in situations like: selling people that your ideas and concepts make sense and they should adopt them, or to move them to take a course of action. Yeah, I know what you are probably thinking right now. You have heard this statement many times before, and frankly you don’t buy it. Before you write me off forever, I ask that you consider the following situations as proof.

  1. Maybe you are trying to negotiate better lease terms on a car or apartment;
  2. Maybe you are a parent attempting to “sell” your kids on the idea of doing homework, taking a bath, or selecting a certain school;
  3. Maybe you are a teacher striving to persuade your students on the value of an education;
  4. Maybe you are a lawyer selling the jury on the innocence of your client;
  5. Maybe you are a politician tasked with convincing her constituents on the value of a particular piece of legislation;
  6. Maybe you are an entrepreneur needing to raise venture capital and need to “sell” the potential investor on not just investing but investing a certain amount of money;
  7. Maybe you are needing to convince your supplier to delivery to you a much-needed shipment of supplies.

I think you get the point right? Whatever the situation, failure to master selling skills means you lose.  You lose in getting your way in life. You lose in failing to influence the outcome of other decisions. You lose in convincing people to willingly do what you desire.

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