Control and Influence

How many of us get disappointed when we don’t get what we desire to have? By the same token, how many of us get distressed when we get that which we have an aversion toward or get that which we don’t want?  Think about this again! We don’t get what we desire, yet we get what we don’t desire!!!  Frustrating and distressing!!!! 

It is said that in the pursuit to get what we want and to avoid what we don’t want, there are things that are within our sphere of control.  For those things we desire and are within are control sphere, we should do all that we can to drive towards that end, AND for those things  that we have an aversion for and for which is in our sphere of control, we should do our best to combat against. Yet, for those desires and aversions that we have no control over, we should not worry about them as we will only cause ourselves to be stressed about things we can’t control.

This sounds very logical and sensible right? Yet, is life simply about what we can and can’t control?  Just think about this. While I may not be in a position of power to control what law is or is not passed in my society, I am in a position to influence the decision makers or the people who do have the power to make such decisions. This assumes, however,  this matter is important to me such that it  compels me to act towards impacting this end despite the fact that I can’t and don’t have direct control and that my intention to influence the outcome may or may not be successful.

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