What is piquing interest?


“Piquing interest” is a term that is used to refer to  “getting a prospect interested enough, curious enough” to spend a few minutes with you and have a discovery or needs analysis conversation. The prospect must be willing to have this conversation despite not knowing a lot about you, your company or your products.  During this very important step,  you, the salesperson,  must get the prospect to agree to give you a few minutes of their time so you AND the prospect can vet each other to determine if an opportunity to do business exits.

Humans are interested in two fundamental things; or stated another way, all of human interests can be reduced to two major types. We are interested in either eliminating pain AND/OR satisfying needs, wants and desires. For many of us, the drive to eliminate pain is stronger than the drive to satisfy needs, wants and desires.  When seeking to pique interest, it is vitally important that you know which category of interest you will be attacking.

From our study and training at the Academy of Applied Selling, there two general ways in which you can pique the prospect’s interest. First you can lead with a much targeted question on goals and/or challenges, and then tailor the interest piquing statement or question to address the answers. Alternately, you can begin with a more general interest piquing statement or question; from there, you can then ask a few clarify questions to see if the prospect is hooked enough for a further conversation.

At our Academy of Applied Selling, we help teams and individuals understand and master this technique so that sales rep can elicit that “WOW! Tell me more! Or that “Oh Yeah?” response from the prospect. Because without it, the rep will find it painfully difficult to have an effective needs analysis conversation with the prospect. If this opportunity is to advance,  this discovery MUST happen. 

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