Brand New Year! Brand New Attitude!

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For the past years, too many years to count, my attitude has been a liability, rather than an asset. Meaning instead of my attitude helping me to get what I want,  helping me reach my goals,  reach my fullest potential, instead my attitude has hindered, made my life extremely difficult, and even stopped me from moving forward. It short, my attitude stunk! I could go on for days analyzing the causes for it, but such an analysis is pointless. I can’t go back and change what has happened, I can only change who and what I am today so that my tomorrow is supremely better than my yesterdays.

Today, I am committed to being the most positive person, with the most positive attitude EVER. My determination is to always, always, always have the best attitude that I can muster 24/7/365, no matter what happens in my life, regardless of the situation,  regardless of the conditions, the environment, and/ or the people that I come into contact with daily. I am committed to finally making my attitude an asset rather than the liability it has been for far too many years.
Now, I know, realized and understand that my attitude will not go from bad to great overnight. I know that I this is not an easy journey that I am undertaking. I know that it will take some time, but I will begin today, right now, right where I am to create, reflect, communicate and maintain the most positive attitude that is humanly possible. I may stumble; I may make mistakes, I may fall down. For those in my life,  I ask for patience, understanding and support to help me stay on track to reach my goal not criticism, can’t do attitudes and negative thinking.
This is one of the transformational goals that I will be working on relentlessly for the entire 2017!

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