Action is the only way to bridge the gap

To get from where you are today to where you want, need and desire to be tomorrow, to bridge that gap, you must act; attainment of your hearts desire is only through action.

Sure it is great to think about it, to feel about it and to talk about it,  YET it is only when you begin to take actions, take concrete steps toward your goal that you begin to shorten that gap. It is only when you begin to act that you begin to get closer and closer and closer to your dream.  It does not matter the size of the gap; it can be short or it can be mindbogglingly long. What matter is that this gap will never be bridge, you will never get to your destination, you will never realize your dreams, achieve your goals, get to that mountain top, until you act!

So once you know WHAT you want, the next question is How. Meaning,  what is the action plan that you must begin to execute today that will get you to your WHAT?

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