Review Questions

What should I do WHEN what I am doing, WHEN what I have been doing, DOES NOT SEEM to be delivering the results?

How long should I maintain/stay the course? When should I look for an alternative route?

What should I do if I am not seeing the ROI, the Fruits of my Labor; my Harvest, my Yield, the Desire Results?

Should I stay the course?  If so, how long should I maintain it?

Should I modify anything?

Should I stop? Should I quit? Should I discard anything?  Should I be looking to change the destination or the game plan?

What should I do when the path that I am on ends up at a dead end?

It is never ok, to give up on what you want, what you desire most, what  you are passionate about, what you believe is your purpose, or what will give you meaning. It is never ok, to abandon that.  It is, however, ok  to abandon a path that is not leading you to that destination.

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