Think, Do and Become

It is said that we become what we think about.  Or that we come to realize or bring about that which is the dominate thought of our mind.  Think of it this way; we become that which we do, but what we do is determined by what we think.

If we do good deeds, then we become a good person because that is how we will be labeled by others and yourself.  If a person practices or plays basketball, we called that person a basketball player. Not because he thinks about basketball, but because he does basketball.  These examples are endless.

Now, the actions that we take, the things that we do are determined by what we think about; by what we focus our minds on; by what we plant in our minds. Thus one of the first steps in getting that which we desire, our greatest desire, is to plant THAT seed, THAT goal, THAT destination, THAT end state in the fertile ground of the mind.  It is here, where the particular actions will spring forth that will lead to the attainment of that end state.

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