Choices: I Always Have One!


Like so many before me and so many after me, I have had to learn one of life’s most valuable lessons the hard way.  I have had to learn that part of winning is understanding,  at a very basic level, it is all about choices. What we allow to become the dominant thought of our minds, the decisions we allow ourselves to make, the words we allow ourselves to speak, the actions we allow ourselves to take, or the responses we allow ourselves to display, are all a matter of choice.

I have had to learn that regardless of what others say, life is pretty clear on this matter.   I have always had a choice.  I always have a choice. Even if the only two options are either “to do” or “not to do” something. I might not like the fact that those are the only two options. I might not like the consequences of either option, but I always have a choice.

Thus, part of Winning and doing some Purposely and Consistently is understanding and applying this fundamental truth.  I need to ensure that I am making the “Right Choices”, the “Best Choices” that position me to Win.

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