Change: By Force or By Choice?


Change can be scary. You are moving from the known to the unknown, from the comfortable to the uncomfortable. But to reach your highest goal, to attain your Definite Chief Aim, to Win, change is a necessary reality. When dealing with this reality, you have two options. You can commit to a process of voluntary change, or you can sit back and wait for change to be forced upon you.

Making voluntary changes now saves you from being forced to make mandatory changes later.  Changing now affords you the liberty to implement change at your own pace,  time to review the impact and pivot accordingly. Changing now gives you the luxury to determine not just want to change, but also how and when. If you wait however, for change to be thrusted upon you, you will have no such luxuries, not such liberties.  Due to the pressures to change immediately, you might find the results highly undesirable.

– Montabass Academy

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