Episode VII: The Execution Step


Once we have our “Definite Chief Aim” set, once we have identified some broad steps that we can and should take to realize our “Definite Chief Aim”, the next logic step is to take action.

Many personal development experts, strategists of all disciplines, or empowerment coaches emphasis the point that nothing happens until we take action, until we begin executing the plan we have devised with the objective of reaching our goals.

When this happens, there are many benefits that we will experience like learning from your mistakes, making the necessary adjustments, moving closer to our goal, plus many others.  Despite these benefits,  reasons like the fear of failure, the belief that now is not the right time, etc…, tend to paralyze many of us from acting.

While it is true that taking premature action might be just as bad as not taking any action at all, we can’t delay executing the “Definite Plan” for reaching our “Definite Chief Aim” out of hope for a perfect plan, out of hope the perfect timing or out of hope for the perfect situation.

Listen to the short video clip to learn more!

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