Episode VI: Definite Plan

A Goal without a Plan is Just a Dream!

Last Episode, I spoke about what Napoleon Hill referred to as a Definite Chief Aim. I spoke about why it is important, and how you can determine your own.

In this short video clip, I want to expand upon that understanding and speak specifically about the DEFINITE PLANS that you will need to POSSESSES to realize your Definite Chief Aim in Life.

Once you have your SINGLE ALL-ENCOMPASSING GOAL set firmly the next logic question to WRESTLE WITH and therefore answer, is how?

  • How will YOU attain,
  • How will YOU bring about;
  • How will YOU reach;
  • How will YOU realize;

that Single All Encompassing Goal?

There are many theories on how best to devise this strategy. One very effective  method developed by Earl Nightingale is known as the Miracle of the Mind Approach.

Watch the video for more!


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