Committed, or just Interested?


The Problem:

Do you sometimes wrestle with the decision of whether to exercise each day? Do you sometimes make exceptions to the foods you will eat today despite needing to stick to a particular diet and later kicking yourself in the butt for the lack of results? Do you sometimes debate with yourself whether to study for that test or to watch TV instead?  Do you find yourself frequently making plans to do something or go somewhere but later finding that you never kept your plans or made that trip?

The Solution:

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you have a commitment problem. That is, you have not made the decision to be 100% in your goals or targets. One way to end the internal debates, one way to settle the indecisiveness, one way to make decisions easier is to make the commitment to do or be 100%. In other words, to get the results, to be truly successful, you have to be committed not just interested.  Because when you are just interested, you do it only when it is convenient.  When you are committed, however, you do it no matter what. You accept no excuses only results.

Make no mistake, when you are committed to your relationship, there  are no excuses or exceptions to fidelity. When you have committed to spending time with your kids after work every day, there is no maybe next time. When you are committed to reaching a goal at work, there is no debate about whether to do or not to do the work now rather than later. Commitment means you do it now; you stay true today!

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