Never Give Up! No Matter How Traumatic the Suffering

don't give up, get up Heather Obrien

In 2001, then Heather Obrien (now Heather O’Brien Walker) was planning her wedding. While working on the job, Heather tripped over a cardboard box tumbling to the ground.  During the fall, Heather hit her head not once but twice.  During the initial fall, she hit the front of her head on a heavy metal shelf which knocked her unconscious.   She then fell face- first onto the concrete floor.  The double head injuries were so traumatic that when she awakened in the hospital she learned that she was paralyze and could not move her legs. Heather’s doctors had informed her that not only was it very unlikely that she would ever walk again, but that others who had sustained similar trauma were living in nursing homes unable to function outside of bed.   A few unfortunate souls had even died as a result of such living.

Just one week after being released from the hospital on her way home from a doctor’s appointment, Heather and her fiancé was involved in a serious car accident. During the impact, Heather suffered a second traumatic brain injury as her air bag deployed and sent her head crashing into the passenger window.  To make matters worse, her finance TW who had been caring for her, feeding her,  bathing her,  and taking her to the bathroom,  had also been injured in the crash.  TW suffered a broken foot and a severe back injury which impacted the quality of care that he could provide to Heather.  He would eventually have to have several surgeries to be back to “normal”.

Instead of just giving up, as far too many people do, Heather, using the power of visualization and positive self-talk, walked down the aisle on her wedding day.  The amazing part of this story is how fast she recovered.   Heather suffered the first brain injury July 2011. She suffered the second brain injury in September 2011.  But on April 14, 2012, she married here finance TW, walking down the aisle herself.

Heather’s story is one of Persistence, Support, Visualization and Determination.  Read her amazing story in her book “Don’t Give Up, Get Up!”

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