Barriers, Obstacles, Roadblocks, Pitfalls and other Challenges

Challenge = a Test of a Person’s Ability

The Questions

What are challenges?  What do challenges mean in relationship to reaching one’s goals? What are the kinds of challenges a person might encounter along the way to success? What traits, abilities, skills must a person have to successfully overcome any challenges that he/she confronts?

What are challenges?

If you Google, “what is a challenge”, you are likely to get 390 Million results.  Cambridge Dictionary Online defines challenges as “the situation of being faced with something that needs great mental and physical effort in order to be done successfully and therefore tests a person’s ability”.

What are the types of challenges that one may encounter?

As you start out on the path to reach  your destination, to achieve your goal, challenges like barriers, obstacles, roadblocks, pitfalls, hurdles,  headwinds, being knocked down, etc.. will appear. Often times they will appear without warning and quite possibly when  you are tired and will-power shot. That stated, as a student of success, you must possess a deep capacity to overcome these challenges.

How should the quest driven person respond to challenges?

When confronted with challenges regardless of the variety,  you have two options. You can deal with it head on or avoid it. With some challenges, it might be best to avoid. For example if you see a pothole in the road, you don’t necessary need to do anything other than avoid it. Additionally, if you are confronted  by a bully, at first  it might be wiser to simply ignore that person to avoid creating a bigger challenges.  There are many other challenges, however,  that you will have to confront and overcome because unless you do so, there is no way forward. For instance, you may be confronted with a seemingly insurmountable obstacle in your path. You might look around, and find there is no other path that you can take. Thus, the obstacle will need to be dealt with  head on if you are to continue your quest.

What are the benefits of handling challenges successfully?

Handling challenges effective make the student of success stronger mentally and emotionally. Any time you have the opportunity to exercise those psychological muscles of resilience, determination, will-power, courage etc…,  you are made stronger and wiser.  Incidentally, it does not matter whether you succeeded or failed in the action.  This is vitally important because the next encounter with a similar challenge, a similar situation,  you are more likely to conquer it this time around.

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