Developing Persistence/ Perseverance

How to:

There are probably many of books and experts that have developed formulas for developing this treasure and must have trait. Below is an outline of a very effective technique that has been used for centuries by folks like Booker T. Washington, Gandhi,  Nelson Mandala,  Abraham Lincoln , Harriet Tubman, to name a few.

Develop the right perspective. That it, mentally and emotionally embrace the fact the road ahead will not be easy. If it was easy, everyone will would be traveling it and reaching the destination. Accept and expect that set-backs, missteps, mistakes, failures, will happen. Expect and accept that obstacles, roadblocks, hurdles, detours, distractions will appear many times though out your quest, often when you least expect it. Expect and accept that doors that might be open to others might be close to you. Of if they were open at one point, they might now be closed.

Resolve that no matter what, you simply will not give up. Resolve that you will simply outlast any adverse situation; to give up is to admit defeat! And you will not be defeated.

If you give up, do so at the beginning. Once you start, do not give in or give up. If you need to take a rest break and recoup, if you need to slow down, fine. Just don’t stop,

If something you are doing is not working, don’t quit; Try something different. If there is a roadblock in our way, don’t get deterred. Find a way around it, over it, under it, though it or find another path that will still get you to your destination. When you are confronted with nos, thank them and continue moving forward until you find a yes.

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