Great Things Come to Those who wait!

How often to you get up early and forego sleep in order to live your dream? How often do you choose the TV over working on fulfilling your purpose?  How often do you select to save your discretionary money to either invest or to buy a house rather than spending it on other things? How many times have we heard about a person putting up with a job to help boost his/her career later? 

What is it?

This ability to delay immediate gratifications for future benefits is an essential element in being able to reach your destination.  According to, “a sacrifice is a loss or something you [willing] give up, usually for the sake of a better cause.  When you sacrifice you give up lesser things to get something greater, you let something go, so that you can have something bigger or better later.

It is said that to know your destination is one thing.; working to reach your destination is another; but deciding to give up all things, saying no to all things that is in the way of you reaching your destination is something that few of us can and are willing to do.

What are the benefits?

The indescribable joy of doing what you are passionate about.  Another benefit of sacrificing is getting the highest probability for achieving your goal or that which you are sacrificing for.  Most importantly, a person develops as a side-note, a great will power and character. It also help one in setting and reaching long term goals easier.

What are the costs?

Some of the costs are loss of sleep or loss of friendship or even the loss of immediate gratification and enjoyment.  Sometime, you might have to give up a great paying job to pursue your dream job that will make less money initially.  If you are trying to pursue a dream job or work for a particular cause that is in full alignment with your passion, you might have to relocate.

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